Cleda Rodriguez, police got medals for killing her son (El Cajon)

Jeromiah Paul Davis was a health nut and athlete who served his country at Guantanamo Bay. He also had a difficult past and a meth habit. Likely suicidal, last March Davis ran a mile up Avocado Blvd with a knife in his hand. After trying non-lethal methods to stop him, when he reached the top of the hill at the intersections of Fuerte and Avocado, police shot him 17 times. A little over a year later, the five officers involved in Jeromiah's death were awarded Medals of Valor by the El Cajon Police Department. In this video Jeromiah's mother Cleda Rodriguez reacts to the medals and tells a bit more of her son's story of struggle. To read Jeromiah Paul Davis obituary, go to