The People's Post is a project of The San Diego Foundation's Regional Information Initiative, a venture launched in partnership with the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation to inform and engage the region's diverse communities through innovative use of digital media. Nonprofit partners include the voiceofsandiego.org, Media Arts Center San Diego and the San Diego County Library.

The People's Post strengthens civil society by enabling San Diego County residents to record, share and value their own stories. It fosters a broader, deeper understanding of the insights and experiences of others in the region. It encourages public dialogue, builds community knowledge and empowers positive social change.

The People's Post is made possible through the support of the Gertrude H. & Arthur C. Anderson Fund, the Mary E. Hield and Robert R. Hield Endowment Fund, the Colonel Frank C. Wood Memorial Fund and the Woolley Fund of The San Diego Foundation; and a matching grant from the John S. & James L. Knight Foundation.

For more information or to access the growing collection of stories, visit ThePeoplesPost.org or a San Diego County Library.

The People's Post gives San Diegans a way to record and share their unique, personal and true stories. It's easy to record your story.

1. CONTACT the San Diego County Library at 858.495.5037 or info@thepeoplespost.org to schedule an appointment with a community videographer.

2. DEVELOP your story idea about local happenings:

  • an important event
  • an inspiring person
  • a significant place
  • a meaningful personal item

3. RECORD your story for free with a community videographer; get a free DVD of your finished video.

4. SHARE your story with family and friends. Your story may also be shared online at The People's Post. For more information, or to view the growing collection of stories, visit www.ThePeoplesPost.org.

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